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Code name for Gobudgie-snapshot 18

Hallo, with Ubuntu’s code name change from bionic to cosmic, it’s time for Gobudgie to change it too. As usual, we’ll take an element of the periodic table of elements: The following elements start with C: Carbon , Chlorine , Calcium , Chromium , Cobalt , Copper , Cadmium , Caesium , Cerium , Curium and Californium . Read more about Code name for Gobudgie-snapshot 18[…]

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New Android Core

Because of many problems with our Android-engine, we have decided to re-develop the Gobudgie-Android core. Currently it’s based on Shashlik which is using QEMU. Now, we will use Anbox, which directly runs Android on the same kernel. This results much better performance and less of crashs. We hope that you’ll enjoy our next release.

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Gobuntu Beryllium (Be) has been released

Release time: Gobuntu Beryllium (Be) has been released. It’s based on Ubuntu 18.04. It’s still using the powerfull Budgie Desktop, but the Plank Dock instead of Budgie Panel Tasklist. Multi user support works now. We changed the boot splash screen in the live system. We removed Android runtime for Chrome. Now the APK runtime is Read more about Gobuntu Beryllium (Be) has been released[…]