New Android Core

Because of many problems with our Android-engine, we have decided to re-develop the Gobudgie-Android core. Currently it’s based on Shashlik which is using QEMU. Now, we will use Anbox, which directly runs Android on the same kernel. This results much better performance and less of crashs. We hope that you’ll enjoy our next release.

3 thoughts on “New Android Core

  • First: Thank you very much for this distribution, the fact is that the idea is an amazing operating system where everything is.
    I have some questions
    1. When will the stable version 1 appear not a beta of gobudgie? What is the expected date?
    2. Why there are no screenshots

    • Hello, thank you. We guess, we’ll release Gobudgie stable in June 2019 and for screenshots: On every major page you’ll find one. Just look arround…

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