Gobuntu Beryllium (Be) has been released

Release time: Gobuntu Beryllium (Be) has been released. It’s based on Ubuntu 18.04. It’s still using the powerfull Budgie Desktop, but the Plank Dock instead of Budgie Panel Tasklist. Multi user support works now. We changed the boot splash screen in the live system. We removed Android runtime for Chrome. Now the APK runtime is based on Shashlik.

6 thoughts on “Gobuntu Beryllium (Be) has been released

  • Hello,
    I downloaded the Gobuntu Berylium, ,when i boot it from “install to harddrive” or run live, there is no install button or shortcut to be found, am i missing something here ?


    • Hello Johnny,
      i see. We tested the ISO images using UEFI mainboards. Gobuntu is a live linux. We don’t support the installation to lokal hard disk. If possible, please use the UEFI mainboard. In the next release we’ll remove the installation Grub entry in legacy mode. Or: What’s your oppinion? Should we create an installer?
      Thank you for this bug report,
      Jasper Michalke
      Gobuntu Live Team

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