End of Ubuntu Chromium package – not yet

A big change was coming to Ubuntu. Following Canonicals tries to move as many packages as possible to their new Snap package manager, they stopped offering Chromium Browser as regular Debian Package.

As Chromium is very deeply integrated into Gobudgie, this made a big problem for us: Snaps are containered. This means, the communication to the rest of the system is very limited. For example, the Web Store did no more work, or installed Web Apps no more launched in standalone mode but in a normal browser window. Moreover, the Gobudgie GTK theme wasn’t shown in Chromium related applications.

But as you can imagine, we were quite interested in still offering you the experience you know from Gobudgie: We just started building our own packages. From now on, the Chromium browser will again give you the best experience. Feel free to feed back the new Chromium browser!

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