End of Ubuntu Chromium package – not yet

A big change was coming to Ubuntu. Following Canonicals tries to move as many packages as possible to their new Snap package manager, they stopped offering Chromium Browser as regular Debian Package. As Chromium is very deeply integrated into Gobudgie, this made a big problem for us: Snaps are containered. This means, the communication to Read more about End of Ubuntu Chromium package – not yet[…]

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Code name for Gobudgie-snapshot 18

Hallo, with Ubuntu’s code name change from bionic to cosmic, it’s time for Gobudgie to change it too. As usual, we’ll take an element of the periodic table of elements: The following elements start with C: Carbon , Chlorine , Calcium , Chromium , Cobalt , Copper , Cadmium , Caesium , Cerium , Curium and Californium . Read more about Code name for Gobudgie-snapshot 18[…]